Mapping evidence on mental health and addictions treatments for people with acquired brain injuries


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Founder, Lead Researcher & Project Manager
Cole Kennedy
Research Supervisor
Dr. Mauricio Garcia-Barrera
Health Research Librarian
Dr. Zahra Premji
Lead Community Partner
Janelle Breese Biagnoni
Research Supervisor
Dr. Eric Woodin
Research Supervisor
Dr. Julia Schmidt
Research Assistant
Bernard Dupriez-Mitchell
Research Assistant
Devon Rees
Senior Research Assistant & Project Coordinator
Emily Spargo
Research Assistant
Nicholas Gavas
Research Assistant
Phillip Havin
Research Assistant
Simon Kurkimaki
Research Collaborator
Yichun Zhao
Research Assistant
Mathew Terhune
Research Assistant
Matthew Trent


The objective of the DECISION-MAP project is to systematically identify, organize, and visualize evidence addressing mental health and addictions interventions for people with acquired brain injury. Our mission is to provide a dynamic, interactive, and accessible platform for knowledge users to locate and engage with up-to-date research findings that can be used to aid in evidence-based decisions, such as treatment planning, program development, research agenda-setting, or resource allocation. DECISION–MAP is a hub of empirical evidence that can be accessed and evaluated by those who need it most, including people with lived experience, service providers and health care professionals, researchers, clinicians, and policy makers.


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